Amiyna Ward


Amiyna Ward is born and raised in New York City. She is an independent film director/producer. Amiyna is the CEO and founder the media, film and music production company called Media Melodies Productions created in 2009. Her work is intriguing as it stands out in a way that is always remembered, just like a melody. This concept is what inspired the name media melodies productions.
 She has a strong foundation in Religion and Media. Amiyna Ward graduated from Queens College The City University of New York, obtaining a bachelors degree in Media/Film Studies along with Religion Studies. She also attended Lehman College for a Bronx Net Studio course in Field Production. She also has a Diploma of Doctrinal Studies achieved at Anointed By God Ministries Theological Seminary Ebenezer Baptist Church, Inc., ordained as a Minister.

Amiyna collaborated on many projects some which include Producer on TV Series “God or Guns”, Producer/Director of “Intro to inspirational mini movies” highlighted on Bronx Net TV, Director/Producer of Short film “Lost”. She has Recorded/Edited numerous events for Liz Black radio host of 1190 WLIB and 107.5 WBLS radio stations. She has also recorded performances and created numerous DVDs/CDs for independent music artist.



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