Darren Trupia





Darren Trupia (Troop)


I have had a passion about movies since childhood at an early age I was able to watch a movie once and almost instantly remember the lines. A good film has the ability to take you out of your own reality and temporarily allow you to live another. The same goes when playing a character. I always like to entertain-- especially make people laugh. Born and raised in Queens, New York I spent 4 years in Massachusetts where I earned my degree in Marketing Communications and had the pleasure of meeting Artemus Cole. I always noticed that our level of creativity was unique and I have always had a strong acuemen for coming up with innovative marketing strategies.   I'm happy to work alongside Artemus and be onboard with Mindbender Entertainment. I have acted in theatre productions, participated in an improve comedy show at the P.I.T (Peoples Improv Theatre). I have taken classes at TVI actors studio and am a registered member of Central Casting. I always wanted to be a part of something like this and Im looking forward to helping Mindbender grow to it's full potential.



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