Yves Antoine

The Dude with a vision—Yves started his story in a small island called Haiti. At the age of five he visited the United States and was expose to Michael Jackson and Television as a whole. He later returned to Haiti, with Michael Jackson’s famous moves. At a tender age, he stole his neighbors hearts as he performed Michael’s moves for them. From then on he knew that America is where his stardom awaits him. A year after he visited the U.S., Yves moved to the mean streets of Brooklyn. East Flatbush is where he laid his head and built life long connections.

Yves is a freelance photographer and film producer who had to opportunity to help produce his first Television pilot “God or Guns”.  With a strong love for films and music, Yves studied Media and Films at Queens College and completed his Degree. Ultimately meeting and teaming up with Amiyna Ward on school projects and now real life projects. He is also the CEO of his own production company named Prestige Solutions LLC, established in 2008 after a real life rude awakening. Yves is a strong believer in MindBender Entertainment and its visions and they believe that “The Future Is NOW.” Come for the ride and stay with us forever.


"Creating Success by Leading Others" 


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