Jason Kidd out as Nets coach

In a move that totally shocked the basketball world, Jason Kidd is out as Nets coach after a failed power play to assume organizational control. Kidd, the first year coach of the Nets and one of the greatest players in the history of the franchise, was upset with the compensation of first year head coaches Steve Kerr and Derek Fisher. He took his grievances to management and then went to ownership to ask for a bigger role in the organization.


Once ownership rebuffed his overtures to run basketball operations, his agent asked ownership for permission to talk to Milwaukee Bucks owner Mark Lasry, who was formerly Kidd’s financial advisor. The Bucks, who already have a coach in place in Larry Drew and a general manager, in Larry Hammond, just selected Jabari Parker in the draft to build around. The Nets have remained mum, but sources close to the situation say “The Russians are done with Kidd.”
Both sides are seeking to work out compensation for Kidd as the Milwaukee Bucks also remain quiet on the matter.

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