Netflix in July – Notable Releases and why you should watch

As we get deep into the heart of summer, sometimes there is nothing better on a hot night than staying home to watch a great film. Every month, Netflix’s contracts with a slew of films end (the Rocky films disappeared from the service at the end of June) but a whole new slate of films pop up to take their place.  Here at MindBender Entertainment we pulled out a few titles coming up this month to keep you thinking and entertained all summer long.



To start off the month, yes Rocky is no longer available, but why punch when you can can kick and karate chop your way to the top? That’s right, all of 3 of the original The Karate Kid movies are streaming right now. If you haven’t seen the original wax-on wax-off scene from the 1984 original than you sorely are missing out on how cleaning a car relates to life as a whole.

Karate kid

If you are looking for something a little newer wait till July 9th when 2013 dramatic action indie Out of the Furnace will debut on the video streaming platform.  This Woody Harrelson and Christian Bale vehicle was hugely ignored by the viewing public when it was released last year, but it does have some standout performances including a notable turn by Harrelson.


July 11th will mark your chance to return to Hostel director Eli Roth’s demented world in the second season of Hemlock Grove.  If you haven’t caught the first season, reviews were awful so this might be one to skip. But, if you are a Roth completist or simply can’t miss an opportunity to see things go bump in the night, it might be worth while to watch up om this one.  

Finally, if you were not able to catch Paul Thomas Anderson’s The Master when in played in theaters, or if you simply want to watch it again to figure out what it was all about, the film will begin streaming on July 14th.  The film is layered with meaning and has a lot of complex ideas making this perhaps the best way to watch it over and over again not unlike the pacing of Joaquin Phoenix in one of the film’s many remarkable scenes.

For a complete list of films coming to Netflix this month click here.

A. Lawrence Dreyfuss

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