NFL Monday Morning Quarterback Week 9….by Emperor Cole

The NFL Season rolls on and this week like every other has it’s own unique story lines and intriguing points of interest. I’m here to bring you the week’s results along with the more relevant games and their results.

NFLThe 6-1 Saints came to MetLife Stadium to square off agains the 4-4 Jets in what was dubbed as “the Ryan Bowl” with brothers going against each other on opposite coaching sidelines. The Jets defense did a heck of a job disrupting the timing on the Saints offense and they sacked future hall of fame QB Drew Brees 2 times and intercepted him 3 times. It was a great defensive performance by the Jets who were 7 point underdogs at home.

Jets pick

The Saints did some questionable play calling on 3rd and inches and then 4th and inches back to back. Instead of manning up and running the football they tried to do a short pass which was dropped by Jed Collins– and then a reverse on 4TH AND INCHES– SEAN PAYTON RUN THE DAMN FOOTBALL!!! WTF??!!!! If 11 grown men can’t push 11 grown men background enough to gain a few inches then your team doesn’t deserve to win.

Jets D

New Orleans was without a few of their key skill players but they still could have won this game if not for poor execution and the fact that they allowed the Jets to be the more aggressive team. The Saints are too much of a finesse team on offense when it comes to having to run the ball to get short yardage and running the clock down– I think this will come back to hurt them if they don’t get home field advantage in the playoffs because they are a much more “sexy” offense inside in a dome than they are outside on grass.

Brees Jets sack

Geno Smth and the Jets are showing that indeed they are not a bad a team as it was once believed they were going to be after the Revis trade and Mark Sanchez benching. I think this team will be in the playoff hunt although they won’t make the post season but I think their performance on the field will generate enough wins to justify keeping Rex Ryan as the head coach for the 2014 season.  Jets top the Saints 26-20.

Ryan boys

The only remaining unbeaten team in the league The Kansas City Chiefs went on the road to play the Buffalo Bills. Buffalo started 3rd string QB Jeff Tuel so this was suppose to be an “easy win” right… Well the Bills held their own for most of the game and kept KC quarterback Alex Smith to a very unimpressive 19 for 29 day for only 129 yards. BUT with the way the Chiefs defense plays Smith doesn’t have to be spectacular. They got not one but 2 defense TD’s to secure the win over the Bills. DB Sean Smith cut an interception and took it 100 yards of the score to tie the game at 13. Then later in the 4th quarter Stevie Johnson of the Bills fumbled and the Chiefs D took it too in for the score.


Kansas City is the 1st team in NFL history to go 9-0 and hold ALL of their opponents to 17 points or less. Now that is some serious Defense and they have a HUGE SHOWDOWN next week against Peyton Manning and Denver Broncos. If they can win this game then I will say that they are the Superbowl front runners until then the Chiefs are a bit of a flukey team with a good coach.

NFL: Kansas City Chiefs at Buffalo Bills

Kansas City Chiefs v Buffalo Bills

I think Kansas City is a good team just not a real 9-0 team, like I said I think they have had A LOT of good fortune and benefited from a soft schedule where they won games that they were suppose to win. I predict they will lose in the Division round at home against either The Patriots or Bengals.


The lowly Minnesota Vikings decided Christian Ponder was going to be under center for this week’s contest against Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys. In what was a see saw game the Vikings looked pretty good. Adrian Peterson showed the league that he is still the best running back on this planet when he carried not one or two defenders into the end zone for a TD but THREE OF THEM!!!

AP gets crazy


Peterson power


Minnesota was in perfect position to win the game up 23-20 in the 4th Quarter and a DB got an interception off of Tony Romo. The Viking offense couldn’t get a first down to seal the game and run the clock out some Romo got another chance and he connected with Dwayne Harris for the TD with only 37 seconds left in the game to get the win. Romo was 30-51 with 337 yards and 2 TD’s.  The Cowboys are still my pick to win the NFC East with the entire division behind very up and down from week to week.

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys

Tolbert Panthers

The Carolina Panthers hosted the Atlanta Falcons who were trying to get the win to make an attempt at salvaging the season for them. That did NOT happen today. Cam Newton had the Panther offense rolling and the Panther Defense set the tone for the game. Matt Ryan was intercepted 3 times and held to only 219. The Panthers are silently on a 4 game win streak and moving up the standings. With the Saints loss to the Jets they are only 1 game out of first place in a division that will only be a two team race from here on out. (Tampa is 0-8, Atlanta is 2-6) The Panthers CRUSHED the Falcons 34-10. Atlanta’s season is done and the playoffs are out of the question.

Ryan sacked

Cam Newton

Cam Newton’s team looks much better this season than they did last year at this time when they were on a losing streak and every week he was being asked “why couldn’t they get a win” he even earned some infamous internet fame when some photo shop pictures surface that showed him doing his famous “shirt rip open” like Superman– and it revealed a “Hello Kitty” shirt. PURE COMEDY. But things are different this year– Newton has 13 TD’s  with 7 INT’s with 4 rushing TD. He has a 64% completion percentage with 1801 yards and a 93.1 over QB rating. Killa Cam is in the building.

Gonzales leaves the building

On another note The Falcons as an organization should apologize to Tony Gonzales for BEGGING him to come back to the team for them to perform the way they have. Roddy White needs to man up and stop being soft and hurt every week and Julio Jones should also grow a pair and play through the pain. These clowns left Gonzales out there alone and he was ready to walk away from the game.

Foles gets busy

The Philadelphia Eagles to the Quarterback carousel out to the bay area to take on the Oakland Raiders. Nick Foles must have invented a time machine and convinced a young Joe Montana play wearing a Foles jersey because this man went off on the Raider defense. He annihilated them throwing for 406 yards and 7 TD’s. Riley Cooper had 3 TD’s and 139 yards receiving. Foles tied an NFL record for most TD in a single game a record that was matched in week 1 by the Bronco’s Peyton Manning.

Eagles Raiders Football.JPEG-0373d

With this performance Foles had to score the most points in EVERY fantasy league that exist in the world. He had 83 in the MindBender Fantasy Football League but he was on the bench for the team he is on. In reality he didn’t even expect to do what he did today. The Raiders looked like a total inept ball club that couldn’t get it together on either side of the ball. The defense will find themselves shown in several of Foles highlights over and over and over this week. I would have written the word “over” 7 times for emphasis but then decided that would just be plain silly….kinda like giving up 7 TD at home to a back up QB. The crazy thing is …he threw TD number 7 with 9:30  left to go in the game. If Chip Kelly and Foles really wanted to force the issue he could have broken the record and finished with 9 TD….the Raiders defense will be in the record books for all the wrong reasons.

Terrelle Pryor, Marquette King, Chimdi Chekwa


The Tampa Bay Buccaneers were suppose to be blown out in their visit to Seattle this week but they jumped out front to a 21-0 lead at one point in the 1st half. Seahawks had an 11 game win streak that they wanted to extend to 12. I salute the Bucs for showing some pride and not laying down and getting blown out in the game but I could tell they were playing “not to lose” more than they were “playing to win” in the 2nd half. The offense went cold only producing a field goal in the 2nd half and Glennon looked just as bad as Josh Freeman.

Mike Glennon


Tampa Bay’s defense could stop Marshawn Lynch from going into “Beastmode” on them. He was running through tackles and cutting back every which way on defenders. It took everything Seattle had include the 12th man to muster this comeback win but truthfully I knew the Bucs would find a way to lose so it wasn’t really a shock to me. Once the Seahawks tied the game at 24 it was obvious that they were going to over power the Bucs and win. Overtime belong to Seattle after Tampa did what they were expected to do, which was go 3 and out.  I actually wanted them to get blown out so Schiano could get his inevitable pink slip some time sooner. Seahawks were tested but won the game in OT 27-24. The Bucs keep their “perfect” record at 0-8.

Angry fan

Seahawks score

Luck scramble

The Colts took a trip to Texas to see the reeling Houston Texans for the night game yesterday. This was another game that was expected to be one sided but turned out to be a battle down to the end. The Texans were up big at one point being ahead 21-6 late in the 3rd quarter. The Colts came storming back at the very end and stole victory from them. 3rd string Quarterback Case Keenum looked like he may be the answer to Houston’s QB questions but Andrew Luck showed why he is the QB of the future for the Colts with this improbable late comeback. He hit T.Y Hilton for 2 TD’s in the 4th Quarter to take the lead. Keenum drove the Texans down for what would have been a game tying field but instead it was the 3rd missed field goal by the Texans kicker who may be job hunting by the end of the week. The Colts win 27-24 in a game that was CLEARLY a back breaker for Houston.

Andre Johnson

Colts Texans

In other games yesterday…

Tennessee topped St. Louis….28-21

The Redskin beat San Diego 30-24

The Browns beat Baltimore for the first time in a long time 24-18

The Patriots mopped up The Steelers 55- 31

The Monday night game tonight feature the NFL’s oldest rivalry The Chicago Bears vs The Green Bay Packers. I pick the Packers to win 37-24.  As always I’ll give you more Monday Morning Quarterback next week.

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