Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Iron Man 4- And Deconfirms It a Day Later

Oh, Robert Downey, Jr. Why do you play with our hearts like this?

On Tuesday, Downey Jr. was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the topic of Iron Man 4 was broached. And instead of toeing the Marvel party line- “I am not allowed to speak on this subject because if I do a Marvel hit squad will end me”- Downey Jr. said the thing no one was expecting.


Robert Downey, Jr

Bask in the glory of that sweet syllable.

And naturally, the entire Internet went crazy. It was their right- for years, we had been told that three Iron Man films was the absolute limit, and suddenly, in the middle of a seemingly benign conversation on a seemingly benign talk show, the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe was upended.

Then it was upended a second time, because the next day Downey Jr. was on The Late Show, and he said something very different to David Letterman.

There’s no plans for an Iron Man 4…There’s no script for Iron Man 4.

When pressed, he admitted there was no movie at all.

So what does this mean? Was Downey Jr. just trying to drum up some publicity for his upcoming The Judge? Is there really an Iron Man 4?

Whatever the truth is, we know one thing for sure- never trust Downey Jr. the next time he announces a movie.

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