Release date:         01.05.2012
Type:                         series
Length:                      55 min
Genre:                      drama

Director:                   Artemus Cole
Producer:                Artemus Cole/Yves Antoine/Ron Rivera/Devon Billey/Aminya Ward/Neville Romaine


God or Guns

In the mean streets of Brooklyn,  Alonzo and his hustling crew face life changing decisions when they are tested by growing distrust for each other and outside threats from other crews. When your life is on the line...will you depend on God? Or will you pick up a gun?

God or Guns (Behind The Scenes 2)

God or Guns (Exclusive Clip 1)

God or Guns (Behind The Scenes 1)

God Or Guns (Trailer)

God Or Guns (The Brooklyn CornerBoys)

The Lost Behind The Scene (Part 1)

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