A-Listers Flock to Hollywood Bigwig’s Wedding

In Hollywood, not all of the glory is reserved for the famous celebrities who are always appearing in tabloids. The star-studded wedding of Scooter Braun proves that fame is fleeting, but power is not. Braun is a bigshot Hollywood manager, and he recently trotted out his impressive stable of talent to celebrate his weekend nuptials. Braun’s not a movie star or celebrity, but he’s got enough clout to get the biggest names to perform for him — and probably for free.

Justin Bieber

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Party Like a Hollywood Manager

Braun was wed to Yael Cohen in British Columbia over the 4th of July weekend, and some of the biggest stars were there to help him celebrate the event. The wedding guests were entertained by the likes of Justin Bieber and Carly Rae Jepsen, both of whom Braun manages, while they partied the day away. Kind of makes those wedding DJs look third-rate, right?

Other celebs on the guest list included Tom Hanks and wife Rita Wilson, Ed Sheeran and Sophia Bush. The Biebs sang “All You Need is Love,” by the Beatles, for the happy couple. He also lent his vocal stylings to Carly Rae’s “Call Me Maybe,” a must-have wedding ditty.

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