Adventures of Ashley

I’m sure we’ve all been told at some point in our lives that we’re able to do and become anything we want when in reality that’s not true at all. I secretly have always had a dream of being a great sports player even though I am in no way, shape, or form athlete material but this is what happens when you listen to people who have that belief.


Anyway, it never mattered which sport I just knew I wanted to be athletically fit, wear a jersey with my name on it and have numerous people yelling & cheering for my success. I played a couple of sports in high school but I totally fell off when I entered college and took on a heavy course load which made extracurricular activities take a backseat. When all calmed down a bit I got back into it so I tried out for the Howard soccer team… fail!, Howard marching band… fail!, Howard track team… major fail!!

Most people (including my own mom) would say “Ashley, give it up and just focus on school. Sports just aren’t for you.” But my response was… No! I can be anything I want.

Which brings me into today.

I recently saw an advertisement for a DC ladies flag football team that read “Seeking new members. Come join a winning team.”(or something like that.) flagg

So I thought why not play football? I showed up to practice today in what felt like the blistering cold wearing sweats & a long john t-shirt only to find that the team looked sick! The women looked a little older than what I expected, one lady was smoking on the field, one lady was dressed in clothes which looked like she was going to a club instead of practice, and another lady was literally there with a baby stroller that contained no baby but was full of uncooked sausage patties and bread! I seriously didn’t know what to make of this scene. I didn’t know if it was a prank on newcomers like myself and I honestly couldn’t figure out the significance of the baby stroller & sausage patties. I supposed maybe she’d just went grocery shopping or maybe she was side hustling and selling them… Whatever, I digress.

Anyway, so there I stood with my ready to turn around and go home face. Upon getting to the field I instantly felt out of place but I was already there plus I figured I’d look like a loser-jerk if I left without giving it a try and I really felt bad cause the coaches had already seen my face and checked me there as “present.”

As warm-ups began, or at least as they we’re suppose to begin, a couple of women kept up a fuss saying it was too cold and they would prefer if the coaches found an indoor recreation center to practice in. Out of persuasion and majority rules the coaches were willing to agree, so for now they have postponed practice until they find a place indoors to better suite the liking of the ladies on the team.

Needless to say I will not be going back to that mild circus. Not because of the scenery my eyes were subject to when I got there but because there comes a time when we all need to realize what our real purpose and calling is in life. I still don’t fully know what mine is but I know full well it’s not sports! I feel like today was some sort of sign for me to stop wasting time on trivial things that have no real bearings on my life’s progress. I’ve decided to put more focus on the things that I already do well so I can perfect it. I’ll keep advertising because I’m a darn good advertiser. I’ll keep blogging because I’m a darn good blogger. I’ll keep talking about myself to no end with the hopes that I’ll motivate somebody to do better because I’m a darn good motivator and I’m most certainly darn good at talking about myself.

All I’m saying is explore life until you find your purpose and perfect it!


As always, tell me what you think or tell me your story. I’d love to hear from you!

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