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Procrastination happens to the best of us at times, for me it’s been all week. I had a 10-page Clinical Psychology report due this morning by 11am. proI knew full well it was coming yet I pushed it to the end of my to-do-list to focus on completing other assignments that had earlier deadlines, thus causing me to work diligently at the wee hours of the morning until it was finished to perfection… Please be mindful that I’m an academic veteran and everyone should not attempt this. I’m also not endorsing procrastination; I’m just talking about my experience.

Anyway, my research topic was quite interesting if I must say so myself; I researched the adverse affects social media has on the mental health of young adults. I surveyed and interviewed 40 study participants ages 18-25 years old. I didn’t offer any incentives because I’ve come to notice most college students just want to and love talking about themselves… Ex. Me!

After conducting my research I’ve learned that 57% of the young adults typically feel unhappy with themselves after social media usage for various reasons. I’ve always known that people take comments, likes, views, retweets, and some indirect statuses personal but I didn’t think the numbers would be so high. To me this is disheartening to know that social media (basically the opinion of others) makes young adults who have their whole lives ahead of them feel like crap because they haven’t accomplished something yet, they’re not at a financial or education level that society deems commendable, they’re not slim enough, or they’re not getting the attention that others who they perceive to be attractive, successful & happy are receiving. students

I’m sure it’s easy for some to simply say, “Its not that serious” but look at how prevalent social media is in practically everyone’s life. Look at how many friends, family members, and companies have a Facebook & Twitter page. Also look at how easy it is to be linked onto another social media site when nowadays it seems like you need a Facebook to sign-up for another site; which by the way makes logging-in faster and easier.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not knocking social media because it truly started out as just being a place for people to be themselves, stay connected with loved ones in distal areas and spew out what they are thinking or feeling at a particular moment. Now it’s viewed as a place for quasi-reality checks, envy, jealousy & of course phoniness. social

Readers, please don’t be fooled by some of the pseudo-good lives people are living via Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and in some cases Linked-In. With all the photo enhancement and dictionary apps that come on these high-tech smartphones which anyone can use to boost their physical & intellectual features, there’s no need to compare yourself to anyone and there is most definitely no need to make yourself or allow anyone else to make you feel any less than the great person you are.

In short: Be you, Do you, Love you!

Also, please feel free to visit the HU FAAD Facebook page and click “Like.” I helped create the page to help Fight Against Anxiety & Depression at Howard University. Thanks!

As always tell me what you think or tell me your story. I’d like to hear from you!




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