Amazon May Revive Cult Classic Comic Series The Tick

Not a lot of people may know The Tick. But The Tick is a wonderful thing.

Originally a comic, then an animated series, then a live-action series, The Tick is a superhero with unbelievable strength, durability and speed.

Also, he’s an escaped mental patient with the mind of a child.

And The Tick is returning to television once more. According to People Magazine, Amazon of picking up that live-action Tick series for another season or two.


The Tick’s classic catchphrase- Spoon! Remember, escaped mental patient with the mind of a child.

People Magazine is not the place we usually go to for film/TV news, but more The Tick is a wonderful thing, so let’s welcome this with open arms. And besides, The Wrap called this one out as legit, and The Wrap is a place we usually go to for film/TV news.

So it’s official: The Tick is back.

Amazon has already signed Patrick Warburton (who played the Tick in the live-action series, and is a spitting image of the hero up above):

The TickAnd while The Wrap calls this a “reboot,” it seems pretty unlikely that Amazon would reboot a series that only lasted nine episode.

Besides, the point of renewing cult classics is to continue something people loved, but didn’t get enough of. Not to take something people loved and start messing with the formula.

So for now, let us rejoice in all the deranged wonder that is The Tick.

Like this:

Draw the TickOr perhaps this:

With Yahoo claiming Community as their own and Netflix snatching up Magic School Bus, it’s open season on cult classics. Firefly, anyone?

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