Arrow Producer Confirms It: A Supergirl TV Show is On the Way

Scratch one more name off the “Superheroes without a current film or TV adaptation” list (how long before that list runs dry, and studios are forced to reboot The Flaming Carrot or Arm Fall Off Boy? And yes, both of those are real superheroes, and are as ridiculous as they sound).

Supergirl is the latest hero to get the TV treatment. Here’s what Greg Berlanti, the producer behind Arrow and The Flash, told Comic Book Resources:

“Yeah, we’re just starting to work on it. We haven’t gone to the networks yet, so. I’ll be happy, very excited to talk about it once we know where its home will be and that kind of stuff, but not at this moment.”

SUpergirlSupergirl is Kara Zor-El, Superman’s cousin with all the same fantabulous powers as Supes, only with a stylin’ miniskirt.

Earlier scoops from The Hollywood Reporter claim that the show will be a fresh, new take on Supergirl, and will be titled something other than “Supergirl.” Usually, this is a troubling sign, but technically Arrow went through a title change from Green Arrow, so maybe it’s no big deal.

Also, despite Berlanti heading this one up, there’s no word yet which network Supergirl will be rescuing from the forces of evil. The CW, Berlanti’s stomping ground, is a likely option, but maybe CBS wants to grab this one up (right now, they’re the only one without a primetime superhero- Fox has Gotham, NBC has Constantine and ABC has Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.).

Still, Supergirl’s a fun hero, and there are definitely worse options to check out once a week. Like Arm Fall Off Boy. Man, that guy sucks.

Arm Fall Off Boy

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