Avengers: Endgame Avenge The Fallen– Star Lord

With Avengers Endgame debuting in theaters April 26th MindBender Entertainment will take the time to do a recap of what was going on with several of the fallen characters in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. In this series I will touch a some of the “what ifs” and theories as to what the future could hold for each. In this particular installment we will avenge—Peter Quill aka Star Lord.

Star Lord

Alright so this one is a little tricky because if you’re a die hard fan of the Marvel movies and have seen Avengers Infinity War as many times as I have then you KNOW that Star Lord played a significant role in why Thanos was able to win.

The last time we saw Star Lord he had just witnessed Drax and Mantis fade away to dust. And he looks to Tony Stark trying to fathom what’s going on and his last words are “Oh Man” as it seems he’s figured it out and then POOF! He’s gone.

When he allowed his anger to get the best of him when finding out that Gamora was indeed dead– Star Lord single handedly thwarted the teams best chance at removing the Infinity Gauntlet. Hearing from Mantis that “he is in mourning”  Star Lord lost his shit and proceeded to provide vicious gun butts to the face with his laser blaster. This action allowed Thanos to get free and ultimately cost half the life in the universe to be wipe out of existence. And fittingly his was one of them.

Now he may have come up with the plan that “almost” got the Infinity Gauntlet off.. but almost doesn’t count. As for Avengers Endgame will Star Lord be changed from the knowledge of knowing the snap happened? Or will there be a scene where he gets a definitive victory moment over the mad Titan? He had the tense moment on Nowhere where  Gamora requested that he shoot and kill her to prevent Thanos from finding out where the Soul Stone was located. He ultimately pulled the trigger and bubbles came out because the Reality Stone was used.  Will there be a redemption of some sort for him? Will he get to blow the nut sack chin off of Thanos before it’s all said and done?


Another unique thing about Star Lord is the fact that his father Ego The Living Planet is a celestial thus making him only half human. As seen in Guardians Of The Galaxy he was able to hold the Power stone in his bare hand without dying.  If Peter Quill is able to be resurrected from his demise from the decimation- will his celestial roots be a factor in him being different upon his return? What if Star Lord comes back and his more in tune with his celestial half than his human side?

I think there will be some type of scene where Star Lord will some how be able to rescue Gamora and save her from the Soul Stone. Maybe he will be the person to wear a new version of the Infinity Gauntlet and be strong enough to endure the energy surge of undoing the decimation. Leave a comment on the Youtube video or the blog and us know your thoughts.


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