Box Office Update ”The Possession” is on top this weekend so far

Welcome back to Minbender entertainment. This is K Black bringing you a update on recent box office updates. Not everybody is out cooking and celebrating Labor Day this weekend. People are actually hitting the movie theaters and going to see “The Possession” and “Lawless”.

“The Possession” tops the box office so far this weekend with $6.1 million and should end up going up to $20 million by the end of the weekend. This is a horror movie and we all know in the beginning of the weekend they do good but then throughout the weeks they drop if they are not that great movies. The “Lawless” was the second film on Friday which sold $2.1 million so hopefully it will gross more by the end of the weekend. Here are the trailers from both movies so you decide which one you going to see during the weekend and week.

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