Emperor Cole Film Review: Creed

After a little hiatus I have returned to give you a whole new version of Emperor Cole’s film review. Instead of my usual blog I have now moved into video blog reviews. My 2 cents about a movie mixed in … Continue reading

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Adventures of Ashley

I’m sure we’ve all been told at some point in our lives that we’re able to do and become anything we want when in reality that’s not true at all. I secretly have always had a dream of being a great sports … Continue reading

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The Hangover 3……Film Review By Emperor Cole

Okay so The Hangover series has concluded with the 3rd film and I like many other was a HUGE fan of the original movie and looked forward the this one. Truthfully I went into KNOWING there was no way it … Continue reading

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Kevin Hart Hosts Saturday Night Live… Monologue & Skits (Videos)

Comedian Kevin Hart made his way to New York City to host Saturday Night Live this past weekend. The funny man had some memorable skits that were truly hilarious. We have compiled a some of the funniest moments from the … Continue reading

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Police Ask 2 Chainz to Pose for Pictures AFTER They Arrest Him…

Police arrest 2 Chains for Weed and then turn around and ask him to pose for a picture…..Now I’m sure everyone is getting a good laugh at this right now. But if they were fans of his why didn’t they … Continue reading

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Will Ferrell Pretends To Be A Security Guard; Ejects Shaquille O’Neal From Game

Will Ferrell still holds the title of being one of Hollywood’s funniest people of all time. Recently he was at a Lakes game pretending to be a security guard and ejected Shaq from the contest. Tweet Share

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LOL! A$AP Rocky- F*cking Problem(Parody Video)

We all need a good laugh now and then with all of these things going on in the world. Now we can laugh at the state of mind of hip hop and these so called rappers who are some what … Continue reading

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Some Of the Thirstiest Comments on Instagram!

Fellas we have a growing epidemic taking place. It’s spreading from City to City, State to State and Country to Country. I’m talking about being Thirsty!!! The internet thirst epidemic started when Black Planet, Friendster, and Myspace were the only … Continue reading

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Boondocks Season 4

It’s clear that by now pretty much everyone has fell in love with the Boondocks. The show has stepped out of the norm by using offensive language and even taking shots at some of the big names in entertainment when … Continue reading

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Will Ferrell’s New Movie ”The Campaign” (trailer)

The official trailer for ‘The Campaign’ starring Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis as political rivals in a race for Congress in a North Carolina district. Ferrell plays incumbent congressman Cam Brady who makes a major public goof that forces a … Continue reading

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