Donald Glover Blast Marvel Television Over Deadpool Animated Series

It was announced recently that rising star Donald Glover the creator of the hit drama-comedy show Atlanta, had decided to leave the Deadpool animated series that was slated to be on FX. The reasons behind the decision have recently come to light. Glover hit Marvel with some scathing comments via his Twitter account..


Donald Glove gave Marvel TV a piece of his mind via his Twitter account after it was announced that he and his brother would be leaving the animated roll out of the Deadpool character. It was announced over the weekend that FX, Glover and Stephen Glover would no longer be involved in the series. The Glover brothers were going to executive  produce and serve as showrunners on the animated take. Glover made comments via his Twitter account that suggested that Marvel execs didn’t like the amount of African American jokes and social commentary that was blended into the show.

Donal Glover was quoted as saying “Everyone wants something different until it’s time to do something different to get it” and he as also quoted as saying that Marvel would rather “Sell toys to 7 year old boys and 50 year old pedophiles.”  Glover said he “just wanted a place to be “funny” and that place seem like it is Freeform”.




While I commend Marvel for trying to do things different–Glover would have been an interesting name to be thrown around in the MARVEL Cinematic Universe. Although Glover is a star and hot right now in his career he may want to be careful and not make an enemy of “the Mouse” aka Disney, who owns  the Marvel brand. If disney decides to black ball him he could see his career trajectory change dramatically. And the end of the day it is all about getting them greenbacks!

What do you think about this story? Do you think the studio was wrong or that Glover He’d not have come out publicly and made these statements? With the success of Black Panther a lot of movies with a black cast and or antagonists  should  be expected to be made this year and nest.


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