Emperor Cole Music Review: Golden Gawd — “Goddess”

While everyone is typically use to me doing reviews of movies and television series on the Youtube channel MindBenderEnt1 — on this fine day I am expanding my horizons and doing a special music review. Hip Hop artist Golden Gawd released the single “Goddess”  to Apple Itunes –it’s currently available for purchase (link inside).  Here are my thoughts on the track.

The track opens up quickly with no delay or intro — straight into the chorus which is catchy and works for an uptempo radio friendly type track. Golden Gawd makes reference to the woman in the song being a whole meal and him having to have a taste which is sure to satisfy and intrigue the women.  From a male standpoint whenever I have met a woman I was into right off the bat — I have always felt lucky as if I hit the lotto, So I can relate to the line where he says “swear I just hit the lotto”….

The song is an ode to the appreciate and love he has for a beautiful woman and the rhyme scheme sounds like something that would have come from Ludacris in 2007/2008 ish — but is light years better and more respectful to women than the music we get now in 2023.

The beat to the song sounds very inspirational and motivational which is dope. The lines in the song where he raps “when he made you, I promise, spend everything in my wallet, you so fine tuned and you polished, that’s why all I see is a Goddess” let me know Golden Gawd is a wordsmith who knows his way around a track and can put words together to get his point across.  The lyrics to this song are a breathe of fresh air from all the current trap music songs that are all about guns, killing, hoes and sex. This is a song that celebrates the beauty and independence of a gorgeous woman who can only be described as a “Goddess”.

I think Golden Gawd should shoot a music video to this track and promote it heavy on social media– maybe even have attractive women do a “Goddess dance” or social media challenge with the song playing in the background to give it more visibility and promotion. Now day having people dance to your music while doing a challenge of some sort definitely makes your song popularly really fast while also providing a spike in sales.

And given the feel of the song — I think Mike Jones, Slim Thug, Ludacris, Nick Cannon or E-40, or Common would be PERFECT to place on a remix to the track.


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