Female Superhero to Join Spider-Man’s World

Lisa Joy has been hired to write a script for a new superhero movie that focuses on a superheroine, rather than the usual spandex-clad men. Sony says the new hero will join the Spider-Man universe. Could we soon see Spider-Woman in the movie world?

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The Marvel universe will introduce a new superheroine movie soon

Woman Warriors

Sony’s surprise announcement comes shortly after “Lucy” killed the box office competition recently. The adrenaline-charged action flick was led by female actress Scarlett Johansson and earned an eye-popping $43.9 million during its debut weekend.

Could we be looking at a golden age of women in comic books? Marvel has only recently announced that they’re going to release a female Thor character soon. After “Spider-Man 2” performed dismally at the box office, Sony pushed back the release of “Spider-Man 3” from 2016 to 2018 to focus on this new, female-led movie.

Which super-heroine would you like to see headlining her own movie? Share in the comments!

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