First Look at Marvel’s Ant-Man! Also, Another Look at Avengers: Age of Ultron

Comic-Con is just a few short days away. And when it arrives, a titan of industry so swollen with influence that it requires six canes to stay upright, all of the internet will be crushed under new info and footage and all that great stuff.

But that’s a few days from now. Today, we can simply look at a few posters, sit back, and say:


So let’s do that.

Ant-ManIf you’re having trouble deciphering that first poster, here’s a hint: it’s Ant-Man.

And while we saw a brief snippet of test footage at a Comic-Con long past, that wasn’t the finalized Ant-Man we’ll be seeing in theaters this summer. The poster above- that’s the real deal. It’s even got Paul Rudd‘s face, because while we know what Paul Rudd looks like, we don’t know how to take him seriously as a Marvel superhero.

He’s looking pretty serious up there for sure.

Also if you’re curious- that old Ant-Man footage is below.

But this isn’t the only poster that’s just begun making waves. Two new pieces of art for Avengers: Age of Ultron have just poked their many robotic heads online. As is protocol, please look below to view:

Avengers 2-2 Avengers 2

Also neat. Although technically, we saw Ultron last week, so this isn’t quite as monumental as Mr. Lang and his faithful insect steed (seriously, how cool is that).

Enjoy this while it lasts- today, you have the ability to look at three individual pieces of Comic-Con newness, without suffocating to death in a wash of other posters, clips and statuettes (so many statuettes).

Try to keep your head above water this weekend, ok?

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