Grading NFL Rookie QB’s

We as fans have been waiting for this day since the NFL draft. Finally we got a chance to see what the rookie Quarter Backs can do in live action. We will start with by their draft order.

Andrew Luck (Colts)-  Luck completed 23-of-45 passes for 309 yards and a touchdown, To go with his three interceptions and a fumble. Luck found Reggie Wayne his number 1 option 9 times for 135 yards.  Lovie Smith the bears Head Coach even had this to say about his performance:  “There’s a reason why he was the first pick in the draft,” Smith said. “He had to play through some things. When they got behind, he kept showing up and making plays. He did a great job of being mobile in the pocket and finding different receivers. He’s definitely going to win a lot of games.” Final Grade: B-

Robert Griffin III (Redskins) – RG3 Completed 19-of-26 passes for 320 yards and 2 touchdowns and a passer rating of 139.9. He also scrambled for 42 yards, but it’s the way he did it.  RG3 showed why he was worth all those draft picks. He picked the saints apart. The one thing that really stood out was his ability to by time and still look down field. Griffin finished the first half with a perfect 158.3 passer rating; the first time a rookie had done so with 10 or more attempts. And he Won! Final Grade: A+

Ryan Tannehill (Dolphins)- Ryan Completed 20-of-36  passes for 219 yards, 3 int’s and 3 sacks. Houston’s defense flattened Ryan Tannehill and the Miami Dolphins in minutes. That pretty much sums the game up. He did have some ok passes but for the most part he looked lost and overwhelmed. Like Luck he did play a top 10 defense, so I won’t be too hard on him. He is the starter only because they really don’t have anyone else.  Even in the picture below he looks scared!  Final Grade: D

Brandon Weeden (Browns)- Weeden Completed 12-of-35 passes  for 118 yards, he also had four picks and forced several throws. According to STATS LLC, Weeden’s 5.1 rating is the sixth lowest in a season opener by any quarterback attempting at least 15 passes since the merger in 1970. To make matters worse, he was 0 for 9 with three interceptions on throws of more than 10 yards downfield. Weeden is the third quarterback since the start of 2008 to attempt at least nine passes of this distance and not complete a single pass. The other two were J.P. Losman in Week 14 of 2008 and Brodie Croyle in Week 14 of 2010. He was drafted to be the savior in Cleveland and just given the starting spot over Colt Mcoy. I think the Browns just wanted to have top 10 draft picks for the next 3 years.  BTW before the game started he got trapped under a huge American flag that should have told the Browns something! Final Grade: F+

Russell Wilson (Seahawks)-  Wilson Completed 18-of-34 passes for 153 yards, 1 touchdown and 1 int. He looked great right out of the gate and then the game caught up to him. The Seahawks played a very conservative game behind the Rookie quarterback.  Feeding Lynch most of the game and calling a lot of short throws.  This is what the rookie said about his performance: “I felt great about the opportunities we had,” Wilson said. “We put ourselves in a good position. We just fell short. That is going to happen a few times.” I give him even more credit seeing that he didn’t hurt his team as much as the other losing rookie quarterbacks. He was running for his life most of the game and finished with 8 carries for 20 yards. Final Grade: C

Overall I think we all came away with the understanding that rookies are rookies. RG3 is in a different class and in a different situation than most rookies. He is a once in a lifetime player almost in the same Mode as Cam Newton. He revitalized the entire DC area and yesterday was just a little taste of what he can do. I have never been a redskin fan but I will certainly pay attention to their games now! I leave you’ll with the best play of the weekend from RG3.

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  1. Emperor Cole says:

    I got a feeling Andrew Luck is going to be a bust. And so is Wheedon in Cleveland. You can’t throw a rookie into the mix with the Ravens and Steelers in the division and expect him to do well. Andy Dalton may have done it with The Bengals but that is something that doesn’t happen too often.

    1. Franchise says:

      Brandon weeden never had a shot. i don’t know what the Browns was thinking. just because someone is 28 does not mean that they are more ready than someone who is 24. Look at chris weinke. If the colts gave him a better offensive line and some more weapons he is going to be decent, BUT he will never be anywhere close to Peyton.

  2. Emperor Cole says:

    And Tannehill is fucked because he plays for a Dolphins team that doesn’t have much talent around him– only Reggie Bush and he is “sometimey” at this point in his career.