Grinding and Rhyming

What’s Goodinton (Huddy 6 Slang) world my name is Old Phantom. I am a avid hip hop fan will be blogging on views and opinions of the current state of the game, various artists , the road to being signed and all other aspects that encompass the essence of the culture of hip hop. Understand the things I write are not to be taken as gospel however just as a conversation piece and my feelings towards the topic at hand. I welcome all other views and opinions and hope that this blog will entertain as well as enlighten you to things you may not have known about this world phenomenon called Hip-Hop that was started in the late 70’s by a Man Named Cool Hurk in no other place than the Boogey down South Bronx.

So let’s Begin Shall we:                                                                                                                

Most of us have seen the blockbuster hits like hustle and flow, Get Rich or Die Trying and 8 mile.

In some essence a lot of us feel the same way as “D-jay”, “Marcus” and “Rabbit”.

The passion of music which burns inside of you that you feel the world needs to hear but life keeps getting in your way.  Weather you got to bust ya ass at a 9-5 or run in the streets to make something happen for yourself and those around you, as much as we all love this music shit our responsibilities and obligation s to get this money out weigh our passion.   We are going to review some the trials and tribulations that us as struggling artists face.

“The industries shady it needs to be taken over”- Jay –z “Izzo”:

From no name producers trying to charge 5 stacks ($5000) for a beat, to the lame promoters who couldn’t set up a decent show to save their child’s life. As a struggling artist we have seen it all. Now we all should understand that it takes time and effort to make a beat so why not be compensated? However understand that we are going through it just like you and for you to charge 5k for a beat when no-one knows who you are and it has been downloaded for free by plenty of other people on just doesn’t make sense. If you feel it’s a hit then work with the artist that makes it the best song so ya’ll both can come up off the project. There are millions of people chasing the same dream of this music biz and its obvious more of us don’t “make it “than those that do. It seems the best tactic to move forward in this game is getting a strong team and networking with other strong teams and backing what person seems to be the best shot.
“What’s up with all the new n@#$’s, and why they think it all comes so easy?” – Drake “I’m on one”:

As the saying goes “ Hard work beats talent if talent dosen’t work hard”
I refrence this statement because there are to many of these “RAPPERS” that make that one song that their family and friends think is hot but then just sit on it and no one else gets to hear it . You need to get up and go hard youtube and WSHH is not gonna make you pop if your not pushing your product. You need that to be on every site and everyones FB page that you know you should be working constantly to maximize your friend list to much more than people you know.Twitter day in and day out about your music and links to free down loads in this age where everything is so easily accesable its easier to get our music out to the world if you put in that effort but its easier to forget you if your not consistant. If you can not lock down the area your from or at lest create a strong buz your not going hard enough. Barbers shop are still the hood news stands run through each one put copies of your project in these places and let them give them out for you as well as Arab stores and Bodeagas these are not as costly as you think when you consider the comeback on that hard of grind.
“How come you can listen to my first album and tell where a lot of the n*&%@’s got their whole style from” – Big L “98 Freestyle”

Don’t be afraid of originality and to be your self. If you are a MC who has not lived the street life and all your talking about is that life style it makes no sense and the lack of substance will show . Far to many times we have these 9-5 ers who change their names to a once prominent drug dealer then once that drug dealer exposes them the artist wants to act like they never knew who the promenent major drug dealer was(Rick Ross). When you tell your story of your life there will be people out there who can relate to what you are saying that’s what makes your avid fans if you take the above mentioned chracters Marcus , Rabbit and D- Jay all they did was give you their life and what they have been through on a beat . Now while 1 of the 3 characters are fictional that formula has made the other 2 a success because they created a following that realated to what they were saying. So stop trying to Create your Image, stop trying to copy what you think is working now because these are fads the ones who last are the orginators of that style while they may have evolved they have not waivered since day one . For example you have never heard Kanye talk the hustler talk cause that ‘s not his lane and on the same hand you never here Jay-z trying to jump into that auto-tune lane or that singing on a hook lane because its not him. These fabricated realities are going to be seen through, it may turn in to a quick fad but just as fast as it came is as fast as it will leave.
So for those who find them selves Grinding and Rhyming I wish you the best of luck and I leave you with this quote
“Things will come to those who wait, but only the things left by those who hustle.”

-Abraham Lincoln

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