Have Warner Bros (and Kevin Smith) Been Making Up New Batman v Superman Rumors?

Why do people keep inviting Kevin Smith into their secret lairs of upcoming movie details?

First, he gets to look at the Batman costume from Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, before anyone else.

Then, he gets to visit the set of Star Wars: Episode VII, against J.J. Abrams clear orders that any civilians caught on the set of Star Wars will be mind-wiped a la Men in Black, and then shot.

And now the rabbit hole goes even deeper.

There’s been a whole lot of hubbub online about Batman v Superman. Namely, that the pic would be adding four new villains:

  • David Cain, a middle-aged assassin
  • Victor Zsazs, a demented serial killer and longtime Batman villain
  • Morgan Edge, the sleazy public relations guy for LexCorp
  • Amanda Waller, noted hard-ass with her fingers in all kinds of shadowy black ops pies

Oh, and then the movie would be adding all kinds of new heroes as well. Heroes like:

  • Former Robin Jason Todd
  • Former Robin Carrie Kelly
  • Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

Which, if you’re counting, is seven new additions and roughly three movies’ worth of DC Comics fanservice.

But the big rumor that goes on top of this big rumor is that the alleged screenplay going around is actually the product of… Kevin Smith (of course), who was commissioned by WB to write a fake script for the purpose of red herring rumor leaking.

Now, no one knows if this is actually true. Maybe Kevin Smith wrote a fake script. Or maybe the script is real, and the “Haha no way actually Kevin Smith wrote that- remember Clerks?” maneuver is a way for Warner Bros to keep things under wraps.

We won’t truly know until Batman v Superman hits theaters. Only two years to go, people.

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