Is Viggo Mortensen Joining Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful 8?

It has to be said- “hey, I totally saw these guys talking” news is one of the least credible sources of news there is. But this is a particularly cool little rumor, so we’re going to run with it anyway.

Apparently, a spy for the New York Daily News (that they have spies is utterly terrifying) spotted Quentin Tarantino talking to Viggo Mortensen at the Greenwich Hotel in Tribeca. According to this black ops agent, Tarantino and Mortensen “had what appeared to be scripts in front of them,” and also “seemed to be discussing characters.”

How close was this spy that he could hear the details of their conversation?

MortensenAll this sleuthing points to one answer- Mortensen might be playing a role in Tarantino’s next film, The Hateful 8. Which would be a match made in some back-alley genre movie heaven- Mortensen is known for a lot of stoic nuance, and Tarantino is known for movies where severed limbs and brain matter go flying.

Apparently, these two were also heard discussing “a ruthless gangster role” (seriously, how close was that NY Daily News spy?), which might fit in with The Hateful 8 and eight personalities trapped on a stagecoach in some extremely severe weather.

Samuel L. Jackson and Kurt Russell are already aboard the film (a few other big names as well), and Mortensen could provide a quiet, sincere counterpoint to these two that would work beautifully.

For now, let us pray that this lunch eavesdropping-based news is legitimate.

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