Marvel Has (Maybe) Found Its Doctor Strange

It’s sad but true: Marvel Studios has already chewed through every superhero in its stable with even a hint of name recognition. Captain America. Thor. Iron Man. Hulk. And, uhh… that’s about it.

So now it falls upon the studio to make popular films out of relatively unpopular (at least outside of the comics world, anyway) characters. Like Doctor Strange, who’s all but confirmed to be a flagship character in Marvel Studios’ Phase Three of films.

And according to This Is Infamous, he’s one step closer to being cast. With this fellow:

Jack HustonCertainly looks like Doctor Strange, don’t you think? And if you don’t know enough about what Doctor Strange looks like to form an opinion on that last question, here you go:

StrangeLooks about right to me.

Now, Joaquin Phoenix was supposed to be the front-runner to play the Sorcerer Supreme (again, for all you Doctor Strange newbies, he’s a practitioner of all kinds of super-magic), but This is Infamous would have you know those rumors are no longer accurate, and that it’s Jack Huston who’s now at the top of the list.

Frankly, I think either would be a terrific choice (Huston was a knockout in HBO’s Boardwalk Empire, but Phoenix is just as solid in basically everything else he does), but Huston is the more conventional choice between the two- he’s younger and he’s less well-known (Chris Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Evans- this seems to be Marvel’s thing… even if it means Huston changes his name to Chris).

Really, we just need Marvel to come out and cast someone, already. Get to it, folks.

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