Melyssa Ford says she provoked man to hit her after Ray Rice saga

Amid the rampant condemnation of the NFL’s handling of Ray Rice’s domestic violence situation, many outlets have offered to add to the conversation of physical abuse in relationships. Most notably, Stephen A. Smith got himself into hot water as he misspoke in his soliloquy about the topic last Friday. Now former video vixen and model, Melyssa Ford has offered her experience on women hitting men and vice versa.


Appearing on the Charlamagne da God “Brilliant Idiots” podcast, Ford admitted that she was very handsy with a former beau and the results of the altercation shocked her.

“While I was shaking my hand in his face, I smashed him in the face with the CD Walkman. He didn’t even blink and punched me right in my face. Lip exploded,” she told the two hosts. “It was like *gasp*. Then I wilded out some more and he was like, ‘Oh my God! I gotta get her out of here,’ because we’re in the car in the street.”

Ford later went on to say the man immediately regretted his role in the altercation and sobbed uncontrollably afterwards. They reiterated that it is never right to hit a female but all parties should keep hands to themselves.

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