NFL Monday Morning Quarterback Week 8…by Emperor Cole

Week 8 is nearly done and this week had a lot of drama! The top teams in the league all handle business in emphatic fashion and got the win by a combined average of 20 points. Welcome to NFL Monday Morning Quarterback… Week 8.



I will start off with a the game that had a lot of hype around it. The Cowboys vs the Lions– Dez Bryant was running his mouth this week saying that he could do all the things Calvin Johnson does and insinuating that he is just as good as him. EARTH TO DEZ BRYANT…. YOU ARE NOT IN THE SAME CATEGORY AS CALVIN JOHNSON. Bryant is good not great by any stretch of the imagination.

Bryant pissed

The game was a very good one– The Cowboys were up late in the game and should have won the game but the team got complacent and was more focused on running the clock down instead of being aggressive and trying to keep the momentum going. Had the play calling stayed aggressive and intent on actually scoring the Cowboys likely would have got the win.  Dez Bryant was on the sideline losing his mind going at Tony Romo being loud and disrespectful. Someone may want to tell him he should be very careful with the outburst because that can end your career rather quickly if you are perceived to be a bad teammate.

Stafford celebration

Lions QB Matthew Stafford connected with his #1 guy Calvin Johnson 14 times for 329 yards, which is the 2nd most yards in a game EVER in the NFL. If it weren’t for being tackled inside the 5 on 3 separate occasion Johnson would have had 4 touchdowns instead of 1. Calvin Johnson ran all through the Cowboys secondary and was making catches on them all day making them look silly. I bet Dez will think twice before attempting to make any public comparisons in the future.   Stafford showed he had some balls when he did a fake spike and jumped over the goal line with the football extend to take the lead with 12 seconds left.  Stafford finished with 488 yards passing and 1 TD. Reggie Bush added 92 yards on 21 carries and a TD.


Kansas City welcomed The Browns into Arrowhead Stadium for what was suppose to be an easy win against 3rd string QB Jason Campbell but this one turned out to be a very close game. Campbell threw for 293 yards and 2 TD. He was able to keep the usually solid KC secondary off balance for most of the 2nd half BUT the Chiefs prevailed in the end to remain undefeated with a final score of 23-17.

Smith breaks

Alex Smith lead the way with 225 passing and added 60 yards on the ground. Smith had 2TD passes- one of which was a beauty to receiver Dexter McCluster. Andy Reid and company will take the show on the road to Buffalo to play the Bills next week.

Undercenter Kansas City continues to win and they have the best record in the league at 8-0 but the question remains can they win in a shoot out type of game where they have to open up the playbook and allow Alex Smith the throw the football down field.

Brees slingin

The New Orleans Saints played at home against the Buffalo Bills after their bye week and their lone lost to the Patriots that I’m sure they want to forget. The Bills kept in close in the 1st half although their QB Thad Lewis was taking HUGE HITs left and right and was fumbling every other play. In the 2nd half the game got away from them and Drew Brees and the Saints offense began to get loose on them the way everyone knew they would. Brees connected on 26 of 34 passes for 332 yards and 5 TD’s. He now hold s the NFL record for the most games in history with 5 TD’s or better. Rookie Kenny Stills should that he may be the eventual #1 receiver for the team in years to come. He scored 2 TD on only 3 receptions for 129 yards.  Brees noticed the Bills had a much slower line backer covering Stills one on one and sent him deep of the score.Stills burns defender

The Saints Defense is what makes them a contender this season and they continued to show that they mean business this time around. The unit registered 4 sacks and 3 forced fumbles with an INT.

Brady throws

The Miami Dolphins took the show on the road up north to Foxboro Stadium and nearly had the upset of the week..well for the 1st half they did. They lead 17-3 at half time but then they let the game get away from them. Tom Brady lead the Patriots on a drive in the 3rd and hit Aaron Dobson for a 14 yard TD. Then on the next Dolphin possession Tannehill get sacked and fumbles. Patriots then pull ahead for good hitting Miami with 24 unanswered points and their defense added a nifty interception on the sideline. New England won 27-17.

RIdley td

Baltimore Ravens v Miami Dolphins


Miami was in total control of the game in the beginning and had to know New England was going to make some adjustments and go hard in the 2nd half. They looked like a team that expected to lose so they didn’t fight much after Tom Brady lead them back and took the lead. This was a pivotal loss for the Dolphins as they head back home to go against the AFC North leading Bengals.

Speaking of the Cincinnati Bengals they were at home against the New York Jets and Geno Smith. Lets just say this was a game that Geno will want to forget. The offense was outplayed in ever aspect of the game and Geno threw 2 INT’s. On the other side line Andy Dalton throw for 5 TD’s and 4 of them went to unknown wideout Marvin Jones who came into the game with only 3 TD’s on the season. He took advantage of the fact that the Jets defensive game plan was focused on keying in on AJ Green and limiting his affect on the outcome of the game.

Mjones scoresMarvins Jones made the Jets secondary pay for overlooking him.  He as every where making grabs and kiling the single coverage that he was getting. Rex Ryan looked like he was so upset that he wanted to go some where and look at woman’s feet to make himself feel better.

Jones Td again It’s very likely the Jets coaching staff told the defense “We’re not going to let AJ Green beat us- someone else is going to have to make a play” Well it just so happen Marvin Jones was that “someone else” who made several plays.  The Jets can’t be too mad though because right now the team is 4-4 and still in contention of the playoffs…and at this point in the season that is actually 3 more wins than I expected them to have.  Bengals steam rolled the Jets to a final score of 49-9. and the defense contributed not one but two pick 6’s to close out the game.

Geno sacked


RG3 rollout

The once unstoppable Denver Broncos were at home to host the Washington Redskins. Former Broncos coach Mike Shanahan was returning to the stadium for the first time. His Redskins team had the Broncos on their heels playing very solid defense and strong ball control offense in the first half. At one point in the 3rd Quarter the Skins were up 21-7 and looked like they were going to pull away and make this one a laugher. In only a few possessions all was right in the Bronco world and the score was 28-21. It happened so fast that I had to do a double take and make sure I was still watching the same game!

Peyton Manning Week 4 vs Raiders 2012

To close out the 1st half the Redskins held the football for 45 mins work of real time and kept Peyton Manning’s offense off the field. In the 2nd half it all turned around especially in the 4th quarter where the Broncos scored 31 points!!!


Robert Griffin III didn’t do so well  this week he knocked out the game late when a defender sacked him and fell on his right knee. The game was out of reach by then so Shanahan made the right call and kept him out the rest of the way. Both teams face the Chargers next, the Broncos see them after a bye week.

In other action on Sunday…


The Raiders continue their streak of beating the Steelers every season– QB Terrelle Pryor rushed for a 93 yard TD on the first play from scrimmage. It show’d how fast he is and how slow and OLD the Pittsburgh defense is. The game wasn’t as close as the score would lead you to believe. The Steelers scored 2 late TD’s to make it interesting but the Raiders had their number all game.

San Francisco blew the Jags away in London 42-10. The 9ners are on a winning streak because they got back to what they do best… RUNNING THE FOOTBALL.

The New York Football Giants got there second win of the season over an inept Philadelphia Eagles team that is a joke without Michael Vick. 15-7.

The Packers beat the reeling Vikings in the night game 44-31. Aaron Rodgers had a big game along with Jordy Nelson and the rookie running back Eddie Lacy. The Vikings looked much better with Christian Ponder playing under center than Josh Freeman.

In the Monday Night game Seattle goes into ST. Louis for what is shaping up to be at least a 24 point win. I predict the final will be 45-14 Seahawks crush the Rams. The Legion of Boom will score 3 Defensive TD’s.

Check me out next week a the 2nd half of the seasons kicks off. I’ll be here to be the starting Monday Morning QB and give you all the weeks most important news.

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