Some Of the Thirstiest Comments on Instagram!

Fellas we have a growing epidemic taking place. It’s spreading from City to City, State to State and Country to Country. I’m talking about being Thirsty!!! The internet thirst epidemic started when Black Planet, Friendster, and Myspace were the only social networks that mattered. But the phrase wasn’t coined until the introduction of the microblogging social networking site Twitter and everyone’s now favorite photo-sharing social networking app Instagram. You can go on facebook or Instagram right now and find a pretty Woman’s photo and someone will put up a comment so dry that the phase “Thirsty” was born. So lets take a look at some of the thirsties comments so far on Instagram!

Victim: evylnsofoda
Thirst Offender: styliano_piffunit511
Ok so someone needs to tell homie, that getting shot is not a turn on. Also if getting shot to take a girl out equals LML(Love my Life) then he has way more issues than just getting a date!
Victim: mizzdr
Thirst Offender: jp3__
Maybe he has Mommy son issues. Do you kiss the little girl in your profile picture with that muff mouth?

Victim: sophiabody
Thirst Offender: elkinslooseman
Herpes must be the last STD that he needs to cross off his list. Now he knows he won’t drink that much in the “never have i ever” game!

Victim: pmgypsy
Thirst Offender: nickdacosta89
Trust me ladies if he wrote it as a comment he has done it before! stranger Danger Ladies!

Victim: jourdynbomb
Thirst Offender: tangerinerim
Ok Bro! Not Funny and does that line really work?

Victim: jenyromero
Thirst Offender: gamble11420
So if the last line doesn’t work try this one,  It’s guaranteed to get you smacked!

Victim: diamondatl
Thirst Offender: jboclassics
What is wrong with some of y’all?

Victim: iesha_mariee
Thirst Offender: lilphill_therealjoker
Guys: Please don’t put your phone number on Instagram. It doesn’t get much thirstier than that.

So as we can see some dudes have no shame. I will say some women do think that these comments are sexy or nice. If you are one of those ladies then your standards need to be re-evaluated RIGHT NOW! To these Thirst offenders you have a better chance meeting women face to face because most of you’ll don’t have the courage to say half the things you say online. If you do, more power to you and enjoy being with rachet ass women for the rest of your life. If you need a better understanding of the women in your future take a look at Ratchet Girl Anthem below!


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