Stallone’s Next Rambo Movie May or May Not Contain a Viking Hug Quest

It doesn’t matter that Sylvester Stallone is 68. It won’t matter when Sylvester Stallone is 98. Or when he’s 158 (assuming, of course, that Stallone is one of The Ageless Ones, and will never perish).

Stallone will keep making Rambo movies until the end of all things.

Case in point: another Rambo is rumored to be headed down the pipeline. This time, called Rambo: Last Blood.

Rambo ... Sylvester Stallone as the action hero.The source of the scoop is, a site that doesn’t really dabble in the rumor game- so if it’s coming from them, it’s probably more legit than from other, less reputable sites.

However, here’s a healthy grain of salt for everyone: Rambo: Last Blood is already a thing. A Flash game, to be specific, by Peter Javidpour.

It’s our recommendation that you play the game right now, as it contains frequent scenes of John Rambo stripping his shirt off to hug ninjas. It’s not clear why, but is has something to do with Valahalla, the holy hall where slain Vikings spend the afterlife.

While there’s no word of the Last Blood film containing shirtless hugging sequences, it’s fair bet to say that yes, they will be a major part of the film.

Looking forward to it already.

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