Sylvester Stallone Screams, Flings Paint in New Reach Me Trailer

Let it never be said that Sylvester Stallone never challenged himself with an unorthodox role.

Because “unorthodox” doesn’t begin to describe what Stallone’s doing in the upcoming ensemble drama Reach Me. In the latest trailer for the film, we see Stallone as we’ve never seen him before. Sensitive. Artistic. Speckling his enemies with paint and shrieking like a lunatic.

Well, maybe that we’ve seen before.

Stallone and hat

Reach Me is the story of eight hundred different characters (played by, in no particular order- Stallone, Terry Crews, Thomas Jane, Tom Sizemore, Kyra Sedgwick, Nelly, Danny Trejo and a convention center’s worth of others) who all come in to contact with the same self-help book.

Then, as these many characters begin building up the foundations of their own individuality (or whatever it is that self-help books preach), they’re drawn to each other and the book’s mysterious author. Inspiring complications ensue.

Stallone plays an artist named Gerald. He does, in fact, wear the hat pictured above. And at one point in the trailer he shrieks “You’re a finger painting! BE A MASTERPIECE!” flinging paint and spittle in all directions.


Is that enough incentive to see Reach Me? Probably. But if not, I’m sure it has a gripping story and some solid performances to round out the paint-spewing.

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