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Zack Snyder Catches Batmobile Thief, Chronicles His Arrest on Twitter

You may have heard that the Batmobile was recently stolen off the set of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. You may also have heard the follow up story: that the Batmobile theft was a bunch of made-up nonsense. We’re … Continue reading

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Set Photos, Spoilers and Spin-Offs: Everything You Could Possibly Need to Know About Star Wars: Episode VII

Everyone here at Mindbender Entertainment would like to offer our official condolences to J.J. Abrams and his Mystery Box. You know, that mystical object where he hides all of his secret film knowledge, forever? Well, images like this have a … Continue reading

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Another Original Trilogy Character May Return to Star Wars: Episode VII- In a Very Spoilery Way

One day, we’ll have news about Star Wars: Episode VII that isn’t a hodgepodge of unconfirmed rumors, “script leaks” and he-said, she-said. Not today, though: here’s your latest helping of unconfirmed Star Wars rumor hooplah. At least this week’s edition … Continue reading

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