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It’s been a few months since I’ve actually put thoughts to paper (*well, finger to keyboard but it doesn’t sound as good*). I’ve had the urge to write for a few days now so I figured now is a great … Continue reading

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It Can Wait

Happy hump day my people.  It’s the middle of a productive work week with only two days left until another fun filled weekend.  This past Sunday (*Mother’s Day*), it was my honor to attend the commencement ceremony of Nazareth College. … Continue reading

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Mainstream rappers stepping into the Ring

Mainstream rappers stepping into the Ring What’s the word HAP’s immediately I know what you’re thinking “didn’t sun just do this blog?! Get something new!” Well, I reassure you this is something you’re definitely going to want to know about. … Continue reading

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Some Of the Thirstiest Comments on Instagram!

Fellas we have a growing epidemic taking place. It’s spreading from City to City, State to State and Country to Country. I’m talking about being Thirsty!!! The internet thirst epidemic started when Black Planet, Friendster, and Myspace were the only … Continue reading

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Real Talk From The God MG Part 4 (video)

The God MG Is Back With Episode 4 Of Real Talk. He’s Going In On More Topics. If You Don’t Wanna Get Your Feelings Hurt Don’t Watch. You Know What To Do If You Want A Good Laugh. He’s Touching … Continue reading

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