Take a Look at Some Secret Footage from the Cancelled Deadpool Movie

A Deadpool movie is long… dead. Probably.

Yeah, technically the Merc with a Mouth showed up in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, but he wasn’t so much Deadpool has he was a horrible laser zombie that happened to coincidentally share the same name and human alter ego as Deadpool.

But back in 2012, Tim Miller (the director who was last attached to a Deadpool movie) decided to shoot a little test footage. Test footage that was based off an official Deadpool movie screenplay. With Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool (who, of course, at the time, was basically a shoo-in for the part).

The result is about as perfect as you can imagine it.

Look below to see Deadpool, in all his glory. Keep in mind, though, that it’s super-duper NSFW. Swear words and beheadings and all that.


Ok, so maybe using performance capture on Reynolds instead of sticking him in some red and black spandex was a mistake. But other than that, this is about as Deadpool-y as Deadpool could be.

Will it ever be made? Probably not. Should it be made? Absolutely. And maybe if we pray to a large stack of comic books, our dreams of a Deadpool movie might actually come true.

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