The Hangover 3……Film Review By Emperor Cole

Okay so The Hangover series has concluded with the 3rd film and I like many other was a HUGE fan of the original movie and looked forward the this one. Truthfully I went into KNOWING there was no way it would top the 1st movie but I went and saw it anyway.

hangover3-590x368Now first off let me say that the movie is NOT the typical Hangover film– in the sense that there is no wild night of partying and amnesia type next morning going on at all. The film centers around Allen who is…..well being Allen. He is regressing in his behavior and not be accountable for his own actions. I understand that Todd Philips had to come up with some “new” and focus the storyline around the franchises funniest persona so this was okay.


Hangover 3

The storyline is all about Allen and Chow’s relationship and they are the two main characters– Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms are merely sidekicks in this last movie. I think this should have been rethought but hey… who am I to Todd Phillips. The laughs in this movie are very lackluster and the performances by Cooper and Helms are very very weak. It’s like they were kind of sleep walking through the project. There are a few laughs here and there but this movie is NOT EVEN CLOSE to the original movie. I suppose you can only catch lighting in a bottle but for so long.


The humor in this movie is more crude and contrived which completely takes away from it. Like there is a scene where Allen knocks something on the floor simple for the maid to pick it up because she is “the maid” and she spoke out against him in an intervention situation. I am more use to the “WTF” moments from The Hangover movies and not just  cheap asshole moments of this sort. There is a scene where Allen has a giraffe that he has bought and is driving on the highway bringing it home and of course the animal doesn’t make it due to it’s long neck and a short overpass. I saw this coming from a mile away and so did the rest of the audience– Todd Phillips– you can do much better than this.


Leslie Chow the ambiguously gay Asian  cocaine snorting man went from being a reoccurring side joke to the primary point of interest in this movie. It had it moments but Chow being this huge international super criminal who stole 20 million in gold just didn’t work very well for me. The producers went too far on a limb with this element of the movie and it didn’t fit with the rest of the franchise in my opinion.  The whole entire movie became a “chase” film trying to find him several times instead of it being the usual “WTF Happened Last Night” I would have rather a new character been introduced for this one instead and trying to link part 1 to part 3 through a series of events that occurred due to the first movie. That was a little too much over thinking and over writing of what could have been a supreme film.


Doug as always ends up being the one member of “The Wolfpack” who is always missing from the action– this time he’s being held for ransom and if the gold that Chow stole can’t be located and returned then he will be executed. I didn’t particularly care for this either. These movies aren’t about killing someone or anything violent– they are guy flicks where the worst thing that could happen is your wife gets pissed NOT someone being killed. Those aren’t the stakes that make up what these movies are about.

The Pro’s

The movie does have a couple of laugh’s that come through Zack Galifianackis and his quarky character doing what he does. There is a moment where he lets the bad guy in the movie know what size pants he wears after pissing his pants that is pretty funny.  And  “Bridesmaids” Melissa McCarthy makes an appearance in the film to be Allen’s love interest and ultimately the reason why he decides to grow up and resign from The Wolfpack because he gets married.


I think Todd Philips ended the series about as best he could from the standpoint where he ended it only where it could end– Allen had to grow up and become an adult. HE had to be the one to get married and walk away from the life of fun and partying. All in all the movie is not horrible but it doesn’t stand out at all. There is nothing exceptional about this film from the laughs to the story and the actor performances.

It faired okay at the box office but didn’t meet the projections of what was expected in box office receipts– and that seems to be a reoccurring theme with this movie. It does not meet expectations.  It’s borderline not even a true comedy. The Hangover 3 felt like just that….a hangover from a good time.


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The Hangover 3…………….39% 


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