The New Code: Sidechicks???

From way back when, I can always remember a “Hood Code” that means no ratting, no snitching, here no evil, see no evil. However in the midst of this code at the end of a very long day, you would still call a spade a spade. It seems to me that the tide has seemed to turn ever so swiftly, and the new generation has slowly started to adopt a slightly different code. This code you ask??? Well let me tell you! In my hay day (even though it still is) let’s say my pre-hay day, there was a woman that lurked, she prowled, and she strategized. She zoned in and she isolated her target and she executed, this woman was called The Other Woman, The Home Wrecker, Mistress, or Whoremonger.


   As time went on that woman changed to the Side Dish, Creep, and now she’s simply known as the SIDE CHICK. Have we added to the breakdown of the black family by entertaining these “acceptable terms”, or is it just a horrible truth we have to face as our reality. Through the promotion of “Side Chicks” in Hip-Hop, our community has begun to personify what the music industry has hyped up as the gospel truth. Are our daughters, sisters, and nieces now just “Side Chicks”? Sad truth, or smoke and mirrors?


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