To the T – Characters of perfection

Every now and then, a movie and or actor comes along that either portrays an existing character (fictional or real life) and totally sets the bar for that role. The actor plays a character for the first time and sets the standard for what that role should be. They become iconic.

Now I’m not necessarily speaking about real life/biography character roles. Even though Jamie Foxx had a well deserved Oscar winning performance as Ray Charles in Ray and Joaquin Phoenix as Johnny Cash (basically Ray with White People.) The roles I speak of are slightly different. One of my favorite examples is Robin Williams and Shelly Duval as Popeye and Olive Oil in the movie Popeye. First off the script perfectly written and the scenery, costumes and music did a great job bringing the cartoon to life. Robin Williams did a great Popeye impression and totally looked the part. Shelly Duval’s naturally awkward look made her portrayal as Olive Oil look easy. Not to mention Bluto, Wimpy, and even the guy in the crowd who cant hold on to his hat during the boxing match.
Another great example, in my opinion is Christopher Reeves as Superman.
There have been many Supermen over the years but lets face it, if you had to pick the best Superman … its gotta be Reeves. Not only did he look and play the part of the smoothest Superman, he also played one hell of a dork as the bumbling nervous Clark Kent.
Now those were examples of actors, sets, costumes etc that helped bring a character to life on the big screen. But what about the origins of a character. A character that set the bar as the standard for future generations. The character that I am thinking of was introduced to the big screen over 80 years ago. New generations to this day have this  image in their head whenever they hear the word Wicked Witch…or any Witch

That’s right. in 1939 Margaret Hamilton delivered the role of the meanest ugliest bitch this side of Kansas. From her natural ugliness and patented laugh this image spawned Halloween Witch costumes still in full effect 8 decades later. Now that’s a standard. It does not get better than her. She is the Wicked Witch of the West. and she’ll get you…and your little dogs too. Hell the wicked witch is also quoted by Mr. Blonde in Reservoir Dogs…right after he dumps gas on the cop….he says “how about a little fire scarecrow?” gives you the chills. I’m sure the scarecrow was shitting bricks when she dropped that line on his straw ass. in my opinion She takes the cake. Truly an character Icon.

oh yea…these guys did a pretty good job too…

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  1. Paul Trupia says:

    Perfect analysis. There is also Marlon Brando in the Godfather but Margaret Hamilton set the standard for all time.
    The Fans Love It.

  2. Ethan Jones says:

    Agreed. Now I gotta write one of these about setting the standard cinematically. Thanks for lighting that fire under me, Troop!

    1. Emperor Cole says:

      Indeed I am one who is intrigued to see your opinion on film blogged out for the world to see.

  3. Darren Trupia says:

    anytime. interested to read what your about to lay down.

  4. Emperor Cole says:

    Hell of a job Troop! This is a well thought out blog that captures your audience very well. I agree with what you said especially about Reeves as Superman! There is some real pressure on whoever will be playing the role in this upcoming movie.