Where will Tim Tebow Go Now!

Tebowmania is looking for a new home! Tim Tebow has been released from the New York Jets, early monday morning. After drafting Geno Smith in the second round the jets quarterback room was getting pretty tight.

With Mark Sanchez, David Garrad, Greg McElroy, Tim Tebow and Matt Simms already on the roster. I knew somebody would be either cut or traded before training camp. With Sanchez making so much money, Tebow ended up being the odd man out. Now it makes me look at the jets front office as a joke. You traded for this guy last year, told the media that you had plans to play him. He ended the season as a personal punt protector and sat behind a QB who had the Butt fumble.

So Now where do Tebow go from here. There’s always Jacksonville, where he would be welcomed back, but do you really want to put that stress on Blaine Gabbert. You never know what can affect a young QB and putting someone who is a well known figure  in Florida Like Tim Tebow may be too much for him to handle. I really think Tim is done with the NFL for now. Some team will pick him up and cut him during training camp or try to move him to another position. I think another option would be Arena Football. It will be sad to see a former Heisman trophy winner playing arena football but thats better than not playing at all.

So leave your comment where do you see tebow headed after being cut today?

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