Women: The Jealousy Factor

Jealousy and women – why does it seem you can’t have one without the other? Is it insecurity or does it stem from a woman knowing in her heart that she does not match up to the next? It’s been my experience that typically women express the most jealousy when the opposite sex is involved or when another woman achieves a certain level of success.


It’s as though the “who does she think she is” mentality begins. I think the root cause of extreme jealousy is fear. The feeling that if she gets hers, how can I get mine? If she’s getting it then I can’t get it. The fear that there is not enough wealth, success, or men to go around.

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Often times  jealous women seem to run in a group. Having the alpha female to run the shots while the rest follow. These in my opinion are insecure, damaged women that make it their business to let another woman know that she’s not that great. Ultimately these women are deflecting what they really feel about themselves – I’m not good enough…I don’t measure up…I’m not worthy. Why can’t we as women just celebrate our successes collaboratively?

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Have you ever met that woman that makes her business to knock you down a peg or two. Not because it’s deserving, but because giving another woman credit, kudos, or big-ups makes her extremely uncomfortable. If she gives you your credit, what happens to her own. This kind of woman does not hand out compliments regularly. She instead hurls insults and wants to point out your flaws as oppossed to your strengths. She can’t stand another woman making it. She’s called the shine dimmer. She wants to snuff your light out, and she attempts this by overshadowing your light with her darkness…beware of this one!

How about the woman that can’t stand to see another woman in a happy relationship. Not because she admires the other woman’s man or because she’s always cared for him, but because it makes her blood boil when she sees two people making it! Living that life. She’s looking at that woman like what does she have that I don’t…this woman usually has stalking tendencies and is often times the woman that he thought he was just going to bone. Not! She wants your lady to know about her because she’s jealous. Her mission was to embarrass your lady. And trust me, she will ensure that your lady finds out fellas…beware!


Our communities are plagued with this type of crab. Trying over and over to pull you down to her level just because she hasn’t been given enough pats on the back, hugs, or affection. Well I’m applauding the confident woman. The woman that pushes past all the nonsense and decides to stay positive. That supports other women and their endeavors. We’ve all experienced jealousy in one form or the next but we make an effort to stay on the high road. Jealousy is almost like a disease. It can effect the rational thinking process. What causes jealousy? We don’t know for sure, but I challenge you to check your own motives and intentions. Jealousy can lead you down a miserable path, choose a different route.

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