Worst Teams In the NFL Week 2!

So Earlier this week I highlighted the top 3 teams in each conference through week 2.
Now I will highlight the 5 worst teams in the NFL. I wanted to do it by conference but the AFC has a lot more bad teams than the NFC. So here we go:

1. Oakland Raiders- The Oakland Raiders are a terrible 0-2 team, and there aren’t encouraging signs of them turning things around. After losing to the Miami Dolphins, and in embarrassing fashion, the Raiders are left trying to put the pieces of their season back together. The offense has shown sparks, but the protection Carson Palmer is seeing is keeping the Raiders from realizing their potential. On defense there is a lot of talent in the Oakland front seven, but their cornerbacks leave them exploited to the passing game. When Reggie Bush out gains Darren Mcfadden, It shows that “Oakland we have a problem”. No outside playmakers means no vertical game. Seeing that the raiders offense depends on down the field routes. It looks like it’s shaping up to be another Long and sorry season. Hey but they do have something to look forward to……A top 5 pick in next years draft!

2. Cleveland Browns- The Browns hung in with two teams ranked much higher, and they did so on the strength of solid defensive play in Week 1 and a stout running game in Week 2. The Browns are a very young team, and their reliance on rookies and second-year players was bound to lead to a rough 2012 campaign. The fact that the Browns are 0-2 shouldn’t surprise anyone, but it has to be encouraging to see them hang in with the Philadelphia Eagles and Cincinnati Bengals.

The key for the Browns’ season will be the development of their young players. They’re getting that so far, as both Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden showed improvement this week.


3. Jacksonville Jaguars- Blaine Gabbert was good in Week 1, but his performance against the Houston Texans left much to be desired. In all fairness, the Texans defense is one of the best in the league and will surely embarrass many quarterbacks this year, but Gabbert was Captain Checkdown before being pulled in the fourth quarter when the game was out of hand.

The Jaguars defense was supposed to be much better than they’ve shown thus far, and that’s perhaps the biggest surprise. The fact that the Jaguars are 2nd to last in run defense after two weeks is one of the bigger surprises of the year.


4. Kansas City Chiefs- The wheels have completely fallen off in Kansas City. For a team projected by some to win the AFC West, two straight blowout losses has everyone associated with the Chiefs questioning themselves right now. You can’t blame the two losses on Matt Cassel—although many will try.

The simple fact is that the Chiefs have lost because they have allowed 75 points through two games. That’s tied for worst in the league with another 0-2 team, the New Orleans Saints.The Chiefs did this last year too, but at least then they could blame it on injuries. Now is the time for the team to rally and fix the schematic issues that are plaguing the on-field product.


5. Tennessee Titan- The trouble in Tennessee stems from the offense. Jake Locker is playing beat-up, and Chris Johnson can’t get going in the run game. The Titans are ranked no. 25 in total offense.

The pass rush is good enough for the Titans to turn this around, but they have to find a weapon on offense who can move the ball and challenge defenses. So far, that option hasn’t shown itself.

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