Emperor Cole Film Review: Creed

After a little hiatus I have returned to give you a whole new version of Emperor Cole’s film review. Instead of my usual blog I have now moved into video blog reviews. My 2 cents about a movie mixed in with a lot of my own unique humor and quirkiness. This film review is focused on the movie Creed.


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Fantastic 4 Going Back To Marvel…Not So Fast My Friend

So I like everyone else was in complete shock when I saw blog articles popping up online that announced that Marvel had reacquired the rights to The Fantastic 4 franchise. I figured it had be “to good be true” and the reports are that is indeed the case– the story is completely FALSE.

Fantastic 4

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Cold Villains and Crossover Kisses in the Latest Trailer for The Flash

The Flash is killing it right now. It premiered on Tuesday to rave reviews and massive ratings – the highest premiere of a new CW show in the last five years.

All of which is completely well-deserved, because The Flash’s premiere was really, really, really terrific.

And the newest trailer for The Flash (which premiered just after the first episode) tells us far more about what’s to come this season.

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Marvel is Killing Its Own Comics to Win a Comic Movie War

There was always a mostly-unspoken rivalry between Marvel Studios, Fox and Sony. All three owned the movie rights to various Marvel heroes- Fox has the X-Men and the Fantastic Four, Sony has Spider-Man, and Marvel has basically everything else. And each studio seemed to want a chunk of the other two’s territory.

But this always seemed like friendly competition rather than a grueling bare-knuckle boxing match to the death. Or at least it used to… because Marvel just declared all-out war on all its film competitors.

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Is This A Description For the First Jurassic World Trailer?

With a scant few months left before Jurassic World is in theaters (seriously, it comes out in June- that’s like eight months from now), we just want one thing.

Dinosaurs. We want dinosaurs. And we’d like them as soon as possible.

Luckily, it appears Universal is starting to shop a Jurassic World trailer around to someĀ  test audiences, and thanks to JurassicWorld.org, we have a description of that very trailer.

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Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Iron Man 4- And Deconfirms It a Day Later

Oh, Robert Downey, Jr. Why do you play with our hearts like this?

On Tuesday, Downey Jr. was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and the topic of Iron Man 4 was broached. And instead of toeing the Marvel party line- “I am not allowed to speak on this subject because if I do a Marvel hit squad will end me”- Downey Jr. said the thing no one was expecting.


Robert Downey, Jr

Bask in the glory of that sweet syllable.

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MindBenderEnt.com Presents: BodyByBeans Workout #5

Willie Sanders and his BodyByBeans workout is back with his next installment to get you in shape for all seasons. In this video Mr.Sanders shows you how to get that “sexy V” shape that all men and women want to have to show off your beach body. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced exercise person BodyByBeans is the perfect way to get you in the game.


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The Future of Netflix: Exclusive Adam Sandler Movies

Netflix already beat out cable television as the cool new venue for TV-watching. Now, they’re poised to do the same for movies.

A press release put out by the company (found via Comingsoon.net) details Netflix’s latest foray into the world of filmmaking: the streaming service will host four exclusive feature films, all produced by and starring Adam Sandler.

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Are These Screenshots Our First Look at Star Wars: Episode VII?

With the biggest, most elaborate, most-potential-for-somebody-to-get-fired rumors, there’s always a gamble. If the large-scale leak is real, it’s a huge scoop. If it’s not real, then congratulations! You’ve just spent the last half-hour fussing over grainy cellphone footage of some guy’s garage.

This is definitely one of those times. Either we’re about to take a look at some bozo’s home movies of southern Ireland…

Or we’re about to get our first look at Star Wars: Episode VII.

Ooh and ahh appropriately.

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First Footage From American Horror Story: Freak Show is Freaky Good

FX has been putting out American Horror Story: Freak Show teasers at a terrifying pace, but in all those snippets of clown-screaming and extra limbs, we’ve yet to see any real footage from the show.

Today, that changes- FX has put out a new trailer for the next season of American Horror Story, and it’s full of that one thing we’ve so desperately craved: actual footage.

It’s a beautiful thing.

And by “beautiful,” we really mean Please no get this clown away from us.

I'd like to politely ask this terrifying clown to stop existing forever, please.

I’d like to politely ask this terrifying clown to stop existing forever

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