Piracy Has Definitely Sunk The Expendables 3

It’s not a great day for Sylvester Stallone.

As of today, the final box office totals for the weekend are in, and Stallone’s (and Statham’s, and Li’s, and Schwarzenegger’s, and Ford’s, and Snipes’s… you get the idea) new film The Expendables 3 is reporting some seriously mediocre box office.

The action pic, with its bloated cast of middle aged action heroes (also, Kelsey Grammer) placed fourth at the box office, behind Let’s Be Cops, Guardians of the Galaxy and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

They really shouldn’t be laughing. These are serious times.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the latest Expendables pulled in a measly $15.9M this weekend. It’s more money than you or I will ever see in a lifetime (unless you happen to be an oil baron or a black market kangaroo dealer), but slim pickings for an action movie with roughly 13,0oo Hollywood stars in it.

One thing’s for sure- this is the work of piracy. Also, that Stallone is perhaps too old to still be making action movies (when he hits his seventieth birthday, which is in two years, will he celebrate by doing yet another Rambo?).

But mostly pirates. THR indicates that more than five million people downloaded The Expendables 3 after it hit the Internet a few weeks ago, and five million more ticket sales would have seriously boosted Sly Stallone’s box office potential.

He’s still adamant on making another Expendables movie (current prospects include Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan), but it might be hard for Lionsgate to justify making a fourth when the third tanked this badly.

Hey, maybe they could set the movie around the Expendables’ most dangerous mission yet- stopping The Expendables 4 from leaking online. That way, you kill two birds with one very large Stallone-shaped stone.

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